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09/04/2024 VIB-Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank [VIB/HOLD/TP: VND 25,010] - The bottom has passed Initiation Phuong Nguyen
09/04/2024 ACB-Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank [ACB/BUY/ TP: VND 34,900] - Positive start to Q1/2024 Update Phuong Nguyen
14/03/2024 PVT-PVTrans [PVT/BUY/TP: VND 31,700] - Go further Initiation Thao Nguyen
11/03/2024 KBC-Kinh Bac Urban Development [KBC/BUY/TP: VND 42,400] - Motivation from new IPs and urban areas Update Tien Le
07/03/2024 FRT-FPT Retail [FRT/HOLD/TP: VND 140,100] - Wingman to Takeoff Lead Update Phuc Nguyen
01/03/2024 NKG-Nam Kim Steel [NKG/BUY/TP: VND 27,700] - Go through the valley Update Tien Le
23/02/2024 SAB-Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation [SAB/BUY/TP: VND 73,900] - Dawn after the night Update Vo Thi Thuy Trang
21/02/2024 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/HOLD/TP: VND 69,500] - Purchasing power returns Update Diem Ngo
21/02/2024 HSG-Hoa Sen Group [HSG/HOLD/TP: VND 24,700] - Consumption demand is strengthened Update Tien Le
20/02/2024 MWG-Mobile World Investment Corporation [MWG/HOLD/TP: VND 50,150] - Keeping up the recovery trajectory Update Phuc Nguyen
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