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18/08/2023 MWG-Mobile World Investment Corporation [MWG/HOLD/ TP: VND 50,150] - Growth driven from Bach hoa Xanh Update Phuc Nguyen
18/08/2023 SAB-Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation [SAB/BUY/TP: VND 182,700] - Going through the drunkenness Initiation Vo Thi Thuy Trang
15/08/2023 DGC-Ducgiang Chemicals [DGC/BUY/TP: VND 87,000] - The interesting story ahead Initiation Thao Nguyen
08/08/2023 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/BUY/ TP: VND 102,800] - Expected to recover from the end of Q3/2023 Update Diem Ngo
07/08/2023 FRT-FPT Retail [FRT/BUY/ Target price: VND 91,400] - A strategic player Initiation Phuc Nguyen
07/08/2023 TCB-Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank [TCB/BUY/ TP: VND 43,700] - Expected cost of capital to decrease Update Phuong Nguyen
13/07/2023 PLX-Viet Nam National Petroleum Group [PLX/HOLD/ Target price: VND 45,100] - The completion of PGBank divestment Update Thao Nguyen
12/07/2023 FMC-Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company [FMC/HOLD/ Target price: VND 49,900] - Sustainable growth Initiation Diem Ngo
22/06/2023 GMD-Gemadept [GMD/BUY/TP: VND 62,400] - Nam Hai Dinh Vu port divest to create upside for earnings Update Thao Nguyen
14/06/2023 QNS-Quang Ngai Sugar [QNS/BUY/TP: VND 55,700] - The sweetness of sugar Initiation Vo Thi Thuy Trang
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